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Organic hand poured FEEL GOOD Candles. Candles are soy coconut with several delightful smells and names to choose from. Choose the candle by the scent (See: explanation of scents below) or by the Energy you are you ready to manifest into your life? Our FEEL GOOD Candles are available for your benefit. Add them to your meditation, affirmations, prayer work and visualization. FEEL GOOD about you. You deserve it. Choose from 8 delightful scents or intentions.


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  • Adore Me:

    A light touch of jasmine, coconut, sandalwood, leather, and earthy patchouli to create the Adore Me energy around you.

    Bless Me:

    Warm amber and a dab of floral rose and lily of the valley.  Accented with Sandalwood and a touch of patchouli.

    Encourage Me:

    Soothing blend of jasmine and dark fruits with a gentle layer of Jasmine, amber,  citrus and red and black currants. 

    Enlighten Me:

    Bergamot, soothing amber and frankincense. 

    Love Me:

    Earthy scent of Olibanum, patchouli, and coriander seed essential oils with Myrrh.  

    Pay Me:

    Alluring blend of aromatic herbs, warm amber, florals, Black Violet and Saffron.

    Protect Me:

     Earthy, woody scent merging with amaretto, tonka and rum and musk.  Slightly more masculine scent but still with universal appeal.

    Uplift Me:

    Think Island vacation: enjoying the beach surrounded by tropical fruits, juicy tangerine, orange, and lemon. With a final touch of sweet pineapple and coconut. 



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