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Greetings! Welcome to Yogababe Studio. A safe space for you to come to heal. A place to work on healing your MIND, your BODY, and your SOUL.


The Yogababe philosophy was born from my own journey into Yoga. After being diagnosed with Mild depression many moons ago, I began to seek the answer to healing. Holistic healing. I heard along the way that Yoga is a tool that is known to help people like me. People with anxiety, sadness and depression.


One day I literally dragged myself out of bed and made it to a local class. However, I did not have an epiphany that day. As a matter of fact, I actually hated (or should I say: extremely "disliked") the class. I felt like a foreigner in a foreign land. Ostracized. Alone. Not speaking or understanding the language.


No one spoke to me or welcomed me, Or made me feel like I belonged. I ended up slowly scooting my mat closer and closer to the door. And when I saw my opportunity to escape, I picked my mat up and ran.

Fast forward a year or so later, (Yes, it took that long), I landed myself in another class. The teacher was pleasant. She reminded me of family. (Yes, representation does matter). My Yoga journey had truly begun.


Often in class, as I would lay on the mat in Final Relaxation, uncontrollable tears would stream down my face. I learned to surrender. Not stop them. Let them flow. A deep, healing cleansing was happening. With continued practice, the clouds began to clear. I found happiness in the simple things...a butterfly fluttering by, a big colorful rainbow after the rain, the warmth of the Sun on my skin, the sound and visual beauty of Ocean waves. Practicing Gratitude became a daily ritual. The depression healed.


I became a Yoga teacher to welcome the truth seekers, the misfits, the lost and everyone in between. Those seeking an answer without sometimes knowing the question. To create an environment that no matter what level you are working at, it's okay. No matter what you look like, big or small, dark or light, my Yoga classes remind you to feel good about YOU. Learn to go within. Learn to nurture yourself. Learn to Honor yourself. See your beauty from the inside out. You are a "Babe". A Yogababe. A work in progress. Taking day at a time.


Peace & Blessings.

Rocki Roland

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