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Events & Happenings

A Time To Heal Yoga

Saturday's at 10am.   FREE.  Beginners are welcome. Sponsorship packages available. Send inquiries to:  

Sponsored by Miramar Mayor Wayne Messam &  Miramar Parks & Recreation.

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Rocki's Yoga Happy Hour with over 350 Yoga and Meditation classes to take.

Sage Blessing Ceremony

Sunday June 4, 2023

5pm Hollywood Beach


Cleanse and renew your energy at the Sage Blessing Ceremony & Workshop. Learn the value of using sage and how it can benefit you. You will also learn how to properly sage yourself and your environment.   Each attendee will receive a Sage Bundle and also have the option of receiving a personal  Sage Cleansing & Blessing from your Host, Spiritual Healer and Yoga Guide Rocki.

$25 per person

(incl. Workshop, Ceremony Blessing & Sage Bundle)

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