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Events & Happenings

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 The Soulful Bachelorette/Birthday Yoga Experience
 The Soulful Bachelorette/Birthday Yoga Experience. Celebrate the Bride and Bridal Party as you Indulge your senses in a soulful Yoga journey. Go where you are celebrated and loved. Tap in. Relax and feel good about the skin you're in. Choose which type of Yoga Class you would like to experience. Kemetic Yoga (which is an ancient Yoga inspired from Egypt Africa), soothing Hatha Yoga, or an upbeat Vinyasa Flow. Classes are beginner friendly.

Your Soulful Bachelorette/Birthday Experience: The Beach, the Park or your favorite location. Group size is up to 13 attendees. Add $10 for each additional person.

  • 75 minutes of personalized Yoga or Meditation. Tailored for the Bride.

  • Exercise Dance Class available

  • Musical playlist that honors and celebrates the Bride

  • Djembe drummer and Soundbowls also available

  • Special Gift for the Bride

  • Additional gifts for the Soulful Bachelorette attendees

  • Soothing Aromatherapy oils available for the Cool Down, Relaxation time.

Please bring:
  • Water to sip on. Staying hydrated is important during class.

  • Yoga Mat, beach towel or blanket. Yoga Mats are not mandatory.

  • Yoga Mats are available for rental if preferred.

  • Wear what you are comfortable in to move and flow.

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Celebrate YOU! Yoga Festival
Sat. May 18, 2024

A Time To Heal Yoga

Saturday's at 10am.   FREE.  Beginners are welcome. Sponsorship packages available. Send inquiries to:  

Sponsored by Miramar Mayor Wayne Messam &  Miramar Parks & Recreation.

Join our Facebook Group:

Rocki's Yoga Happy Hour with over 350 Yoga and Meditation classes to take.

BLISS  Beach Yoga & Sage Ceremony 
Sunday June 2, 2024
Hollywood Beach 6:00pm  


 Join us  at the Ocean for BLISS Beach Yoga.

A Yoga class to renew the spirit.  Set in front of the beautiful ocean, you will breathe and flow, and at the end of the class each student will have the opportunity to receive a special energetic healing. Each class introduces various forms of healing sessions.  

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