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At the beginning of my Yoga search, I went to about 3 to 4 different places. Finally, I went to a class that Rocki was Teaching. What a Wonderful Delightful,  Postive Vibe, Blessing Experience. 


So I started to follow Rocki, anywhere, and everywhere (in person,  Internet, or beach), you name it I was there. It has been 11 wonderful years.  

Doing Yoga  with Rocki has not just been Stretching and getting Strong, and Flexible but it has also been a Healing Process.

Within the years I have gone through very rough time in my life. Lost my husband of 20 years, the father of my son. Through the tears and heartbreak, her teaching was healing for me.


I love her as a Yoga Instructor, as long as she is teaching, I will be following her.  Namaste


— Lisa B

Rocki is absolutely phenomenal! She hasn’t only helped me with my spiritual work, but mentally as well.

She’s like the mom/mentor/auntie I never had!

She’s gotten me through so much in my life within almost a year of knowing her.. I know the Universe sent her to me…

If it wasn’t for her I don’t know where I’d be right now mentally.

Her patience, her resilience, her power, her will is phenomenal and she’s become more than a “spiritual hire” but family to me.

I’ve dealt with a few, but none like Rocki.

It is truly an honor to know one of God’s ultimate favorite’s! 

The results I’ve gotten from working with Rocki is pure majestic! Undeniable! 


I always think “What would I do without her?!” She’s a dream come true.


— Amani 

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